Leonardo tour day 4

We all met for breakfast at 8-30 after which we went down to the lake to have a swim and a stretch and talk about the game yesterday.We all agreed that a lot was learnt from the game and hopefully look to improve during our next game on Saturday.After lunch we then went to the war museum at Overloon which was only a 15 minute drive away.This was the scene of one of the biggest tank battles during the 2nd world war.The tour was really interesting as on show were all the artillery vehicles and aeroplanes together with the weapons and arsenal of the time from the German,English,American and Dutch forces.We watched a short film depicting the historical battle that took place.After the film we then walked on to the British War Cemetary to look at the resting place of our fallen heroes all of whom gave their lives during the battle of Overloon.It was a fantastic experience and one which gave us all time to reflect on the historical happenings.After the short transfer back to our hotel we had dinner after which we then had a table tennis competition which was won by Ross Kershaw who beat Zander McBurnie in the final.



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