Day 2 – Tuesday 29th July – Youth Team Holland Tour

After having a good nights sleep the lads were fully recharged and ready to get back on to the training pitch.The session was conducted by one of the Academy coaches from FC Roda who currently play in the second tier of the Dutch League.It was good for both the players and staff to assess a foreign coach teaching a different style both tactically and technically also psychologically.

The lads got a lot from the morning especially from the environment the coach set with his positive and enthusiastic coaching style. The main focus of the session was placed around challenges set both individually and as a team (see pictures attached) .After the session we made the short stroll back to the hotel and a few of the lads decided to have a cycle ride around the local lake before having lunch. After lunch we had another session which was mainly based around team shape as we were preparing to play our 1st game of the tour against NEC Nijmegen on Wednesday evening. Just as we were at the end of the session the thunderstorms returned and the rain started. We made a quick exit back to the hotel. After dinner we went to our meeting room and had a discussion of how the day had gone and what positives everyone had taken from the day.

After completing their daily diary the lads were then free to use the facilities that the hotel had provided namely table tennis,table football and play station games. With a curfew set of 11pm we retired to our rooms in preparation for our 1st game on Wednesday.

Please log on tomorrow for an update of how the day has gone!



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