Day 1- Monday 28th July, Holland Youth Team Tour

All’s well that ends well !

With a scheduled 9-10 am flight out of Manchester airport to Amsterdam we met at Woodhouse Grove School for the coach transfer at 5-15am with a pick up on route at Hartshead Moor Services due at 5-45am. When it got to 6-30 am and no coach to be seen we then started to think we need a plan B. We quickly got the keys for the mini bus and set off ,ringing for 3 taxis on the way for the lads at the service station. With a 8-15am deadline for the flight to check in we thought it was going to be touch and go as the build up of traffic on the m62 started getting worse. By a miracle we managed to get there at 8-10am and proceeded to check in. Sat in the departure lounge an announcement came over the tannoy saying that due to thunderstorms over Amsterdam the flight was delayed. We eventually took to the air at 1-30 pm. We were met by our travel representatives in Amsterdam and transported to our Hotel in Horst which was a 2 hour journey south. After meeting at 5-15am,13 hours later we checked in to our hotel in Horst. After a welcome meeting and going through the health and safety briefing we sat down for dinner, after which we went for a little walk and then retired to our rooms to catch up on some much needed sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s schedule. Overall after starting the day badly we at least managed to travel which is more than can be said of the Sheffield United party that were due to fly out later in the day but found out their flight had been cancelled only having to return on Tuesday morning for another flight.   Don’t forget to log on tomorrow to check out how the lads got on during day 2.

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