Bradford City Football Club Safeguarding Policy Amendment- Covid 19 (March 2020)

This amendment should be read in conjunction with the Club Safeguarding Policy
and Staff Codes of Conduct.

Club statement:

The way in which our football Club is currently operating in response to coronavirus
(COVID-19) is fundamentally different to business as usual, however, a number of
our important safeguarding principles remain the same:

● with regard to safeguarding, the best interests of children will always continue to
come first
● if anyone has a safeguarding concern about any child connected to the Club they
should continue to act and act immediately
● a Designated Safeguarding Officer or Deputy will always be available
● unsuitable people are not allowed to enter the Club workforce and/or gain access
to children
● children continue to be protected when they are online

Club Safeguarding Contacts:

During the Covid-19 lockdown period the Safeguarding contacts for the Club are as

Lee-ann Brewer
Academy Safeguarding Officer
07949 814505|

Paula Watson
Club Senior Safeguarding Manager

Neil Matthews
Academy Manager
07555284391 |

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