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The Bradford Football Community – Working Together

How can you help Bradford City Academy?

  • Spot a player
  • Recommend a player
  • Play a fixture against our teams
  • Sign post coaches with the potential to progress to the next level

How can Bradford City Academy help you and your club?

  • Match day tickets
  • Be part of the match day experience
  • Visits from academy coaches, players and representatives of the club
  • Invitations to Academy CPD events and regional CPD events
  • Signed Bradford City Merchandise

Bradford City’s Academy has made great strides in working together with local Junior clubs and we will continue to evolve and develop this partnership. As an academy we are looking to support clubs in return for them supporting ourselves in the identification and recruitment of players. This document will clearly state what will happen at the different stages of the recruitment process, providing clarity for all parties.

  1. Identifying the player

Players may be identified through our scouting network, recommendations, open trials or through games involving the players.

  1. Approaching the club/player

Once a player has been identified and believed to be of the standard to be invited down to the academy. (Guest scouts form filled in by the relevant person). The head of recruitment will be in contact with the relevant club/team manager expressing our interest in the player.

Following discussions (which would include the parent/player) a date will be agreed when the player first comes into the academy. This may be straight away, at the end of the season or any time between these two dates. If the players start date is not immediate then Bradford City will ask the parent/player to fill in a YD8 (6 week trial form) to confirm their acceptance of a trial.

  1. Inviting the player into the Academy

On agreement with the local grass roots club/and/or parent, the player will attend the academy (for training only) for a period of 2 weeks as a guest.

  1. Trialling the player

If the player is comfortable in the environment and shows potential to become one of the best players in the group he will be asked to complete a YD8. The player will commit to the academy for 6 weeks for all training and games.

During this 6 week trial the player could be signed or released dependant on his progress.

  1. Signing the player

When signing the player into the academy the head of recruitment will contact the local club informing them of our decision. Any outstanding commitments made by the player to their Local club for that season will be supported by Bradford City Academy i.e. tours/tournaments.

  1. Releasing the player

When releasing the player back into the grass roots environment we will contact the local club to communicate our reasons for not signing the player and potential opportunities in the future.

During this process your main contact with Bradford City Academy will be through the Head of Recruitment. Currently Alan Nevison (Temporary).

Alan Nevison
Academy Manager
Email:  anevison@bradfordcityacademy.co.uk


Please note

  • To register for a CPD event please email Dawn Johnson, Academy Administrator – djohnson@bradfordcityacademy.co.uk.
  • A return email will provide all the relevant reporting details.
  • All attendees will must register for each CPD no later than 24 hours before the event.