The Academy Philosophy


Phil-PageWe are known for our commitment to developing good young players.

We want our coaches to demand the best of themselves and the players they work with.

We want to keep attracting interest from Premier League Clubs for our Academy Players.

We will continue to increase our supply chain of talented players through to our 1st Team.

We aim to get a player into the international development squad within the 4 nations.

We want players to be attracted to our Academy by our success and reputation.

We strongly believe in the development of the individual player and consider this more important than results at schoolboy level.

We recognize that the success of the Academy is a partnership between the player, parent and staff, with all parties playing an active role to support the player in achieving his goals.

We will endeavour to develop young players who will go on to be a credit to themselves, their families and Bradford City Academy.

We continue to strive to improve all elements of the Academy programme and demand that players registered in our programme do the same.

We will strive to provide all our players with a safe & friendly environment to learn, develop and enhance their ability.
Working in partnership with, and based at, Woodhouse Grove School, the Academy is continuing to evolve and build partnerships


To identify talent and develop the future generation.